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Jerome Thomere

Different Spokes
San Francisco
P.O. Box 14711
San Francisco, CA 94114

Hosted by 1&1

Different Spokes San Francisco

Ride with pride !
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Different Spokes is the San Francisco Bay Area’s recreational bicycling club for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. Founded in 1982, the club is open to all members of the LGBT community and its friends who have a shared interest in bicycling.

We offer a variety of cycling rides and social events throughout the year.

The club currently has 81 members, 9% of them are female. The annual membership fee includes the ability to set up your own rides on the calendar, an online subscription to the club's Yahoo!Group and other benefits, such as discounts at many bike shops.

Membership is not necessary for participation in any club ride. To have a better idea of what is going on at Different Spokes, check out our blog or our photo gallery.

Helmets are required for all club rides. Addresses and telephone numbers are used solely for club purposes and are not available to other sources. If you have any questions about the club, call any member of the board.

Visit our Strava and our Facebook pages!

Happy Birthday, Steven !

Upcoming rides: November 17 - 9:00AM - Saturday: Gazos Dirt'N Hurt Ride (39 miles, B, 4)
November 21 - 9:45AM - Wednesday: Pre-Thanksgiving Warm-Up -- Rockridge to the Golf Course (45 miles, B, 4)
November 23 - 9:30AM - Friday: Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Burn -- A DSSF Tradition! (60 miles, C, 4)
November 25 - 9:30AM - Sunday: It Was 40 Years Ago Today... (29 miles, A, 1)
December 08 - 9:00AM - Saturday: Jersey Ride (27/47/59 miles miles, A, 3)
December 08 - 5:00PM - Saturday: Different Spokes Holiday Party!! (0 miles, A, 1)
December 16 - 10:00AM - Sunday: Social A Ride: Treasure Island Ramble to Oakland Grill Scramble (24 miles, A, 2)

Special Events Calendar for 2018: Events 2018

Lately in the blog

Different Smokes (11/15)[caption id="attachment_1990" align="aligncenter" width="434"] The Camp Fire last Thursday[/caption]   [Thanks to Jerome for the title; I was going to call this “Summer of Smokes” but both last year’s and this year’s gigantic fires...
Sign Of The Times: Respro Mask (11/13)   If you insist upon riding when the air quality is bad or if you regularly ride next to major roads or freeways, you should consider riding with an anti-pollution mask. During “red” alerts the Bay Area Air Quality Management District s...
Continuing Lessons on Road Tubeless Tires (11/6)[caption id="attachment_1963" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Orange Seal tire 'booger' blocking a puncture[/caption]   I recently got a flat tire on a road tubeless tire. How is that possible you say? I’d love to tell you it was becaus...
Hedging Your Bets [Updated 11/14] (10/29)Today I finally received a response to my 10/15/18 email to Carter Choi at San Mateo Dept. of Public Works regarding whether the opening of Crystal Springs Dam Road would be postponed yet again beyond 10/31/18. I've put in bold the hedging: "The C...
What Lying Liars Like To Do (10/29)Calaveras Road, which has been closed since July 2016, was supposed to reopen on Saturday, November 3. Now the SF Water website says it won't open before January 1, 2019. The reason? Whatever, it doesn't matter because they've been lining up excuses ...
BART: Promises, Promises (10/27)Did you see this article in the SF Chronicle? BART is behind schedule on rolling out the new Bombardier cars. Are you surprised? No, neither am I. There isn’t a timeline in history that BART hasn’t optimistically projected and missed. We are n...

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