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The Best of the East Bay Hills
You Can Do Old La Honda! (DBD Training)
Jersey Ride
Sierra Road from Warm Springs BART (DBD Training)
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Jersey Ride

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To add a ride to the calendar, use the add-ride form or click on the "+" sign to the right of the date you want for the ride. Alternatively, contact the club's Web Editor.

Before leading a ride, download a copy of the Ride Waiver form. Have all participants read and sign this form. Then sign and date the witness line.

After the ride please email the completed form to the Ride Coordinator using the contact information at the bottom of the Ride Waiver form or contact the Ride Coordinator for an address if you need to use snail mail.


Rides are open to all club members, visitors, and guests. To ensure that you enjoy club rides, be sure to pick rides appropriate for your riding ability. Rides are classified by pace and terrain. If you are taking your first club ride, be safe and underestimate your ability. If you are unsure about a particular ride, contact the ride leader, who can provide more information about the ride and the expected difficulty. Helmets are required on all rides, and lights are required on night rides. Each rider should carry money for an emergency call and appropriate equipment (spare tube or patch kit, pump, water, food, and so forth).

Ride Key

PaceTerrainRide Type
A. Leisurely, frequent stops

B. Moderate, occasional stops

C. Brisk, few stops

D. Steady, strenuous, few stops

1. Mostly flat, easy grades, suitable for beginners

2. Few low hills, a challenge for beginners

3. Moderate hills with some challenges

4. Hills, some steep climbs, with some relief

5. Many steep hills and climbs, for strong riders



Wear DSSF Jersey

July 1 - 9:15AM • Sunday

The Best of the East Bay Hills

Distance: 45
Pace: C
Terrain: 4

We'll roll along roads familiar to anyone who has ridden the Grizzly Peak Century -- Grizzly Peak, Skyline, Redwood to the golf course, and then back via Pinehurst, Skyline, Grizzly, etc. Lots of hills, killer views, and good company. Steady pace, with one rest stop at Sibley Park before continuing on Skyline to Redwood and its ups and downs to the golf course. No real lunch break, just bathrooms, water and snacks at the golf course before retracing our route home (mostly retracing, but there will still be Pinehurst and Grizzly Peak to get up). There may not be food and snacks available at the golf course, so bring your own bars or a sandwich (bathrooms and water are available). Back in time for at least a few late afternoon chores. Rain? Yes, it would cancel if we got that lucky. But be prepared for warm temperatures once we drop down the other side of the hill to the golf course.

Rain cancels: yes
Ride start:
Island Picnic Area off of Wildcat Road, Tilden Park, Berkeley
Island Picnic Area is the first rest stop on the Grizzly Peak Century, located three miles or so east of the corner of Spruce, Grizzly Peak and Wildcat in Berkeley. Lots of parking and bathrooms available.
Ride Leader:
Stephanie Clarke

2 riders joined the ride.

July 7 - 8:45AM • Saturday

You Can Do Old La Honda! (DBD Training)

Distance: 32
Pace: B
Terrain: 3

Join me for the climb up Old La Honda Road (including the gorgeous side across Skyline Rd.), a fun descent down Highway 84, and then Canada Road's gentle rollers out to Hwy 92 and back.

If you're doing Double Bay Double in September, now's time to start building up those climbing legs as we gradually add distance. This ride's a little on the shorter side, but what it lacks in distance, it makes up in climbing.

If you've never done Old La Honda, well, it's a great climb, definitely one of the classic rides in the Bay Area. Canada Road is also a lot of fun. The two combined provide a nice variation of climbing and flatter distance.

Gather at 8:45, ride out at 9 AM sharp, and please note that the early ride-out time is intentional. The forecst is for a pretty hot day and the early start will enable us to beat most of the heat.

Total ascent: 2,700 feet
Meet time: 8:45 AM
Ride out time: 9:00 AM
Meals: Bring snack bars, lunch at Roberts Market at the end of the ride
Sweeps? No
Is this a "no rider left behind" ride? No, but we will have a few regroups. We will keep an eye out for each other but if you are a new rider please either know the route or bring a map in case you get dropped from the group.

Rain cancels: yes
Ride start:
2967 Woodside Rd, Woodside, CA 94062
The parking lot behind 2967 Woodside Rd, Woodside, CA 94062
Ride Leader:
David Goldsmith

7 riders joined the ride.

July 14 - 9:00AM • Saturday

Jersey Ride

Distance: 27/47/59 miles
Pace: A
Terrain: 3

This is the official monthly club ride for all members (guests are always welcome). The ride offers different distance and level options where once a month all DSSF club members can get out, ride and socialize with the club. The ride starts from Peet's in the Castro. There are three options so you can go at your own pace and distance so please pick the appropriate option to your level of ability, we want to make sure you enjoy the day. The rides split and regroup in Tiburon where we have lunch together as a group. This ride is usually on the second Saturday of each month; however there are a couple of exceptions for special events (see the calendar).

Distance: 27 Miles
Pace: A/C
Terrain: 3

Turn off at the end of the Sausalito bike path and go directly into Tiburon where the other riders will join you for lunch. You can ride back to San Francisco (or take the ferry to avoid climbing the Sausalito hill). This option is recommended for those who are newer to road cycling.

Distance: 47 Miles
Pace: B/C
Terrain: 3

This is a real fun loop with spectacular views! From Sausalito you have a small climb over Camino Alto before you head out and around the Tiburon Peninsula. This ride is recommended for the intermediate rider or for those who don't feel like the more strenuous third option.

Distance: 59 Miles
Pace: C
Terrain: 3

Split off from the group and make the climb up Conzelman in the Marin Headlands then climb up that small canyon, McCullough Road before heading back out to Sausalito to ride the Tiburon Loop. This is the faster paced, more advanced option with extra hills and mileage.
Meet At: Peet's Coffee in the Castro (16th and Market Streets). Please arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am for ride sign-up. Ride leaves at 9:00am.

You can find routes sheets with printable cues at:
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1574859 (Shorter route - 40 miles, with possible bailouts in Tiburon (at mile 20) and Sausalito (at mile 30))
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1599856 (Clockwise route, aka "Tiburon Loop")
http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1599771 (Counterclockwise route, aka "Reverse Tiburon Loop")

RSVP Required. And wear your club jersey or kit!

Rain cancels: call
Ride start:
2257 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(Peet's in the Castro - please let us know if you want to join us along the route)
Ride Leader:
David Gaus


July 21 - 9:15AM • Saturday

Sierra Road from Warm Springs BART (DBD Training)

Distance: 29
Pace: B
Terrain: 4

Since Warm Springs BART Station opened, I've been hoping to do a ride from Berkeley down through the East Bay Hills ending with Calaveras Road and then taking BART back home. But Calaveras has been closed all summer, I'm not in shape to do a long slog like that, and it's too damn hot now anyways.

So I mapped out this little ride earlier this week. It'll get us down to Warm Springs, which is a great jumping off point for many South Bay rides. So we don't have to wait for Mount Hamilton in the Fall to check out the new BART station. By leaving early on a day that's not forecast to be blazing hot, we ought to be able to beat the heat.

I've only ridden Sierra Road once, years ago, on a club ride with David Gaus and Jerome. It's a great ride - good challenge, beautiful territory - but pretty far away from many of us. And too damn hot most of the summer. With Warm Springs BART only 9 miles away, it's a lot more accessible. After checking out the weather forecast, I thought I'd give this a try.

We'll warm up by exploring beautiful suburban Fremont - Warm Springs Rd., Scott Creek, Park Victoria, and Morrill. Then at about mile 9.5, left and up the hill, then through the backroads, and down the fun descent. 4 more miles of suburbia before we get back to BART sometime around noon.

A couple of notes:

1. I've never ridden Warm Springs Road but have checked with a couple of people who say it'll be OK for the 2 miles we're on it.

2. I don't know any bike-friendly lunch places down that way, and Yelp wasn't particularly helpful. So, it's up to the group to pick a place at the end of the ride - or, we can just skip lunch and head out after we get back to Warm Springs.

If you're on BART, take the train that arrives at 9:04. Ride out is 9:15 sharp to beat most of the heat.

Total ascent: 2,460 feet
Meet time: 9:00 AM
Ride out time: 9:15 AM
Meals: None planned. Bring snack. Group decision on lunch at the end of the ride.
Sweeps? No
Is this a "no rider left behind" ride? No, but we will regroups. We will keep an eye out for each other but if you are a new rider please either know the route or bring a map in case you get dropped from the group.

Rain cancels: yes
Ride start:
45193 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Warm Springs BART Station
Ride Leader:
David Goldsmith

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