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HomeRide Key

Helmets are required on all rides.      


Lights are required on all evening rides.

Patch kits and pumps are strongly recommended.


1. Mostly flat, easy grades, suitable for beginners

2. Few low hills, a challenge for beginners

3. Moderate hills with some challenges

4. Hills, some steep climbs, with some relief

5. Many steep hills and climbs, for strong riders

 Pace Average Speed   Moving Average Speed    
A. Leisurely, frequent stops

B. Moderate, occasional stops

C. Brisk, few stops

D. Steady, strenuous, few stops
(5-7 mph)

(7-9 mph)

(9-13 mph)

(13+ mph)

(8-10 mph)

(10-12 mph)

(12-15 mph)

(15+ mph)